Owning A Stumpy

Owning a Stumpy

The ideal stumpy owner is a committed, experienced dog owner. This is not a part-time breed. They are intelligent, active, affectionate and very loyal. They will not tolerate isolation or neglect, they crave family, activity and training—they need to use their brains or they will become destructive and unruly. Early socialisation with dogs and people is recommended for a well-rounded companion. Training and firm leadership is essential. As a thinking dog, the Stumpy will compensate for any weakness in leadership by taking the place at the top of the pack. ‘Firm’ does not mean ‘hard’, however, as Stumpies can be particularly ‘soft’ and their eagerness to please you means that consistency and reinforcement will get you much further than punishment.



It is important to note that the ASTCD Breed Standard which outlines the type and temperament of the breed, states that the stumpy is ‘reserved towards strangers’. The Stumpy exhibits his true, loyal and affectionate nature often only to his owner, so don’t be concerned if puppies are ‘stand offish’. However extreme timidity and suspicion should be avoided at all costs.

Stumpies are quick to learn and eager to please. Firm, consistent leadership is essential. Stumpies will become timid and wary with hard treatment.