Features Of The Breed

Features of the Breed

breed comparison

Australian Cattle Dog (Left) and Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Breed comparison



Breed Comparison Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog (left) and Australian Cattle Dog (bitches)

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is sometimes confused with an Australian Cattle Dog. Although they may share common origins in the dingo and possibly some imported dogs, they are very different breeds—with different physical traits and temperament. What are the differences?

1. The Stumpy has a natural bob-tail, although long tail puppies also occur. A Stumpy born with a tail is NOT an Australian Cattle Dog.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

2. The Stumpy is a ‘square’ dog—the length of the dog is the same as the height. The Australian Cattle Dog is longer than it is tall. The Stumpy appears a leggier, finer dog and the ACD heavier, more thick-set.

Australian Cattle Dog

3. The Stumpy head is very distinct, with ears are set high on the head a skull that is broad and flat between the ears, tapering to the muzzle, giving the overall impression of a ‘wedge’ shape. Eyes should be dark brown.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

4. Both the Stumpy and the ACD come in blue and red, mottle or speckle, however the blue Stumpy must NOT have tan points or markings. The Stumpy can have head and body patches—black on blue or brown on red dogs. Nose and toenails must be black on both blue and red dogs.

5. The Stumpy is aloof, agile and sensitive and is not prone to aggression. Stumpy owners report quirky, interesting and larrikin personalities.

The Stumpy and the ACD are two separate breeds, this means that crossing them produces a cross-breed, not a pure breed.