Finding a Breeder


Finding a Breeder

After doing some research on the breed and deciding that you might be ‘owned’ by a Stumpy, the next step is to find a registered breeder. If you are considering a stumpy as your next dog then please read this section carefully. The Club is regularly contacted by puppy buyers that have unknowingly purchased puppies from unregistered breeders. Dogs that are unregistered cannot be registered. This means that any progeny cannot be registered and the dog cannot be shown.

A registered breeder is bound by the rules and regulations and Code of Ethics of their state controlling body, which in turn is governed by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). See the ‘Useful Links’ menu on this site for the organisation in your state. A registered breeder has a membership number and, in some states including NSW, must complete a written examination before becoming registered.

Puppies can only be registered by a registered breeder out of parents with full registration. In some cases stumpy puppies can be registered from ‘A’ Grade parentage, however parents must have been graded before 2007 when the breed redevelopment scheme closed. Simply viewing pedigrees of the parents does not guarantee that the breeder is registered, full registration papers must be in the breeder’s registered breeder’s prefix (kennel name) and the prefix must be current.

Your new puppy’s registration papers will be transferred into your name through the state controlling body. This is only possible if you purchase from a registered breeder. There are two types of registration that the puppy buyer needs to be aware of: Main and Limited registration. Limited registration is for pet owners that have no intention of breeding or showing their Stumpy in the future. In most states you will be asked to sign a form that indicates your consent to your understanding of the conditions of the Limited Register.

After you have assessed the breeder it is important to assess the parents and then the puppies. They should be clean, healthy and sociable (see Temperament).

A useful reference site for sourcing registered breeders, puppies, mature dogs and stud dogs in Australia can be found at Dogzonline.

Buyer Checklist

  1. Make sure you have done adequate research into the breed and their suitability for your lifestyle and experience (see Owning a Stumpy). Ensure that you understand the features of the breed and what is acceptable and desirable in the Breed Standard.
  2. Ensure that you are buying from a breeder registered with the canine controlling body in their state. If in doubt, start with the Australian National Kennel Council and, if necessary, contact the state body to verify your breeder’s registration.
  3. Ask the breeder about health testing and the temperament of their dogs. If at all possible try to meet the breeder and the puppies’ parents. Ensure that you are receiving all necessary paperwork with your registered puppy (whether full or limited registration). Many breeders will supply resources, support and information for as long as you require it.